Psychotherapy | Corinne Raskind

Experience Change

Corinne Raskind, your next step to growth and fulfillment!

What I Do

Psychodynamic therapy to heal struggles through a deeper lens of understanding your inner self.


I work one on one with you to approach challenges that are affecting your well-being and assist in promoting lifelong change.


Society today has made the job of parenting even harder. I am here to provide you and your teen a safe space to sort it all out.


The repetitive cycle of conflict can feel overwhelming and hopeless. I can help you and your partner to develop new patterns of interaction.


My specialities are Anxiety, Depression and Addiction but I work with all related issues of substance and alcohol abuse to mental health disorders including impulse, mood and personality disorders. I am here to help you get through whatever you need.

-Corinne Raskind

My Story

“I am a psychotherapist working with clients from a psychodynamic lens. I will help you work through patterns in your life that are no longer working for you. I will help you work through past wounds that you cannot seem to get away from in order to begin your journey of healing and self understanding.”