Psychotherapy | Corinne Raskind


A Bit About Therapy

Growth is a lifelong process that leads to feelings of freedom and a new understanding of our inner selves, yet can be a painful and daunting pursuit. Even when we identify patterns that are problematic we can often get in our own way of change due to our fear of living past hurts and resentments. Healing comes from both new experiences that mend past injury and correct patterns which stem from childhood.

Individual Therapy

A Happier, Healthier You
I work one on one with you to approach challenges that are affecting your well-being and assist in promoting lifelong change.

Adolescent Therapy

Here For You
Society today has made the job of parenting even harder. I am here to provide you and your teen a safe space to sort it all out.

Couples Therapy

Quality Care
The repetitive cycle of conflict can feel overwhelming and hopeless. I can help you and your partner to develop new patterns of interaction.